Work smarter, not harder

Chaser makes buttons out of your slices. You just turn them on and off.
Go toLoad from Resolume

Load from Resolume

Chaser works directly with Resolume Arena’s advanced output. It supports both Arena 4 and 5 setup files.

Go toMake a chase

Make a chase

Chaser turns your slices into buttons that you can turn on and off. You then create bumps and chasers using the step sequencer.

Go toPlay in Resolume

Play in Resolume

Chaser runs as a native FFGL plugin and lets you control everything you need without any extra apps running in the background.

All the chasers you ever wanted

...but didn't have time to make
Load. Click. Play.

Chaser makes it ridiculously easy for you to build chasers and screen bumps for Resolume. I made it because I got tired of having to go back and render basically the same content doing the same thing but with a slightly different position and timing for each show.

Chaser consists of two parts: a standalone app and a plugin for Resolume.

The app loads the input mapping you’ve made in Arena’s Advanced Output. You can then create bumps and chasers by toggling your slices on and off. The plugin is used as an effect on your content. It can play the chasers you've just created in the app and will show the content using the patterns you created there.

  • Loads data directly from Resolume

  • Toggle slices on and off with the click of a button

  • Runs natively in Resolume

  • Fill, stretch or fullscreen your content

Enough with the hype

Show me how it works already!

Projection Mapping Demo

Quick Demo on how to use Chaser to position, mask and animate content for a projection mapping show

3 minute showcase

Quick overview on creating and playing chasers

Darth Vader shows off the Bump feature

Cause he's all about that chase, all about that chase. No rebels.

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