Chaser 2 is here!

Chaser 2 is finally ready to go into the wild. I’ve added a bunch of new stuff, and things are looking awesome! What’s new, you ask? Just about everything. In the app: – Unlimited steps. Well, I draw the line at 1024. If you need more than that, you’re writing a novel, not making a chase.[…]

Making Tetris by vj Mezmereyes

Hey everyone, this is vj Mezmereyes from Australia. I’d like to show you, through my latest creation, some of the possibilities that that are now available to us for Resolume through the new Chaser program.   This is my latest project and the idea is for a modular, Tetris style screen. I wanted a way[…]

Installing the plugin

Find the Resolume Arena folder in your Documents folder ( so not the Resolume folder in Applications!!! ) In this folder, create a new folder called ‘extra effects’. Copy the .bundle file (Mac) or the .dll file (PC) into this folder. In Resolume, open the Preferences. Click on the Video tab. At the bottom of[…]