Chaser 2 is here!

Chaser 2 is finally ready to go into the wild. I’ve added a bunch of new stuff, and things are looking awesome!

What’s new, you ask? Just about everything.

In the app:
– Unlimited steps.
Well, I draw the line at 1024. If you need more than that, you’re writing a novel, not making a chase.
– Changes in Arena load automatically in Chaser.
No need to reload. The moment you save in Arena, Chaser follows.
– Chaser tracks slices in Arena.
You can change add and remove slices, change their order, whatever. Chaser will remember what slice goes where.
– Chaser recognises Screens.
And folding them hides the slices in them, just like it’s big brother Arena.

In the plugin:
– 3 plugins
Chaser and Bumper are now separate plugins, and they have a new brother Random. Because more is betterder.
– Random plugin
Pick a sequence and step, and go full epileptic. No extra programming needed.
– Changes in the app load automatically in the plugins
No need to reload. The moment you make a change in Chaser, the plugins follow.
Echo parameter
So you can easily fade between steps, without having to double up on steps.

I also learned a lot along the way, so Chaser should be faster than ever.

And best of all, it’s a free update if you own Chaser 1. Because you’re awesome and I love you.

So, what are you waiting for? If you already own Chaser, you can head over to your Gumroad account if you created one, or click the download link in the original Gumroad confirmation mail.

If you’re new to Chaser and want to get in on the action, you can get the new trial on the download page. 


Important small print! I’m sorry, the new features in Chaser 2 are not compatible with Arena 4. So if you’re still on Arena 4, you’re stuck with the old Chaser 🙁

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