November 5, 2015


Help! The plugin doesn’t show up in the list of effects! 

You probably aren’t loading it correctly. Check out the step by step instructions.

The app is loading the right amount of slices, but they’re all screen filling and I can only click the last one!

You’ve done all your mapping on the Output Transformation side, while Chaser works on the Input Selection side. You can read more about that and how Chaser works in the manual. Long story short though, you really, really want to make your slices on the Input Selection side.

The plugin doesn’t show any of the changes that I made in the app!

The app and the plugin need to exchange data via an XML file in your Documents folder. Unfortunately, this won’t work if you don’t have your Documents folder in the default location. You can reset your Documents folder to the default location by following these instructions.

Also, some Windows machines will put your Documents in OneDrive by default. Follow these instructions to change this silly behaviour.

The plugin works, but the positioning is all wrong. Pls halp!

This happens when your comp resolution is bigger or smaller than your content resolution. Change the order of the effects and the transform to let the effect access the whole composition size.

Who are you and why did you make this?

My name is Joris and I’m part of the Resolume development team. On the weekends I regularly work as a freelance video operator. I realised I was spending a lot of time making the same content for different shows, only with slight variations in timing and position. So I wrote a plugin to make that quicker and easier.

How did you make this?

The application part is written in c++ using the awesome Juce library. The code for the application is open source and can be found on my Github. The plugin part is written in c++ and OpenGL using the FFGL framework. Its source code is closed.

Will it work with other VJ software?

Chaser is completely designed for use with Resolume Arena, so I don’t think it would make much sense to use it with other VJ software.

The plugin is standard FFGL, so it should load in any app that supports FFGL plugins. If someone wants to port the app to read MadMapper files or some other format, you are more than welcome to.

150 euros? For a plugin? Are you crazy? I could buy a complete software for that!

Chaser is designed for touring VJs that play lots of shows in different places every week. They usually don’t have a lot of time to render custom content for each show. Chaser will let them quickly make chasers and bumps that fit exactly to the stage.

There’s almost nothing you can do in Chaser that you couldn’t do in After Effects or some other software (with the possible exception of using it with live cameras). It would just take you hours to make instead of minutes. If you are just starting out with VJ’ing and have more time than money, Chaser probably is not the right tool for you.

So is there at least a student discount then?

No. I really believe that students should be learning how to do this stuff in AE or whatever first. You gain an amazing set of very useful skills that way. It will help you get a better understanding of both Resolume and your production tools, which is what being a student is all about.

Chaser is really designed for people that are making a living with VJ’ing and that could buy it twice with what they make in one show.

Why are my Arena setup files not loading?
Most likely because you are trying to load them via File > Load Chaser. That menu option is for loading Chaser documents, not Arena setup files!

Chaser wants you to first create a new Chaser document via File > New Chaser. It will ask you to save it and then ask you which Arena setup file you want to associate with it. Now your Arena setup file will be loaded and displayed.

What if it doesn’t work at all? Will I get my money back?

Chaser has been field tested by different VJ teams on high profile shows, among others by KBK Visuals while headlining Ultra Miami mainstage. I’ve personally used it on countless shows. Also I’ve lab tested it with a variety of increasingly unlikely scenarios. I’m confident it works stable and reliable. But in computers, there is always a chance of some unforeseen combination of factors that can cause unexpected behaviour. In that case, just drop me a line and I’ll fix things for you.

Unfortunately I can’t give refunds. There is a demo version available for testing, that you can use as long as you like. So if you have any doubts, please make sure you try before you buy.

What about new features? Chaser would be perfect it had feature X and button Y!

In my mind, Chaser should be a simple to use application that does one thing very well, not a complex monster that does lots of things poorly. You’re very welcome to share your ideas and if they fit in that philosophy, I’ll be happy to work on them.