Making Tetris by vj Mezmereyes

Hey everyone, this is vj Mezmereyes from Australia.

I’d like to show you, through my latest creation, some of the possibilities that that are now available to us for Resolume through the new Chaser program.


This is my latest project and the idea is for a modular, Tetris style screen. I wanted a way to map this screen to highlight its texture in an animated way. After some research I was introduced to the Chaser program and after a small time of learning how to use its amazing plugin and experimenting with the program. I had exactly what I needed.


Now let me take you through the process:-

  • First, let’s re-create the Tetris screen we made in Resolume.
  • In the Advanced Output, use rectangular slices and position them exactly how they are on the physical screen. The physical tiles are 13 wide by 8 high, so using slices of 135×135 pixels will fit nicely in a 1080p composition.
  • By using ALT-drag to duplicate a slice in combination with Arena 5’s awesome snapping feature, this should take about five minutes.
  • Save your output preset when done!

Now open chaser

  • Choose File > New Chaser, and Chaser will load your output preset.
  • Now you can create Sequences for each animation. On each step of the sequence, simply highlight the slices which you want to use as part of the animation.
  • You can create sequences for each Tetris shape.

Now back to Arena

  • Apply the Chaser effect on a Solid Color clip.
  • Choose the Sequence you want to use for this clip.
  • Set the Step parameter to Timeline
  • Set the Sustain and Release both to 1, to get that 8 bit animation feel.
  • Duplicate the clip, set the new copy to another Sequence and change the color of the Solid. Now you have clips for each Tetris piece that you can mix and match on different layers.


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