Chaser Demo for OSX

Chaser Demo for OSX

Version 1.0.7

Installation instructions for Chaser app and plugin:


Just copy the .app file wherever you like and double click to open it.

I’m a registered Mac OS developer, but I don’t distribute via the App Store. So your computer might complain that it doesn’t know me. You’re going to have to trust me and tell your computer it’s okay to run my app. Don’t worry, I have better things to do with my time than trying to mess with your computer.

Chaser will create a folder for itself in Documents where it stores its sequence data and preference files.

FFGL plugin:

Create a new folder inside the Resolume folder in Documents. In Resolume, add this folder as another FFGL plugin folder in the video tab of the preferences.

Copy the .bundle file into that folder. Now restart Resolume and you’ll find the plugin in the Effects tab.

Still not clear? Check out the step by step instructions.

Removing Chaser

Just delete the plugin, the app and its folder in Documents. This will remove all trace that Chaser ever existed.

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