November 1, 2015


Chaser consists of an app and a plugin. It’s available for both Mac and PC.

Download the PC version.

Download the Mac version.

The app is free and works without any restrictions. The plugin is a demo version. It’s fully functional and does everything that the paid version does. It will just overlay your content with some nasty hippy colors. The demo is provided so you can see if Chaser is right for you before you commit to a purchase. I cannot provide refunds, so if you’re not sure, please test thoroughly before you buy it!

If you’re an Avenue user, here’s an Arena 5 setup file that you can use for testing.

Chaser works on OSX 10.7 and higher  / Windows 7 and higher.

Click here if you’re ready to buy the full version.



Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 12.10.32