User Testimonial from Daniel van Veldhoven “El Rayo”

How did you found out about Chaser?

A buddy of mine knew I was looking for the infamous “one button bump” plugin. Apparently Joris was going to release a system that looked like one, but when it got released it didn’t have the one button bump yet;

Obviously I asked Joris directly if it was possible to create this feature. He challenged me to buy the plugin first and then he would develop the feature during his weekend. Challenge was accepted and I started working with Chaser.

First I wanted the plugin only because of the one button bump feature. However quickly I found out how useful the chasers were and the possibility to give each clip its own mapping.

How did you use it?

Qlimax was around the corner and I just got Chaser in my hands. So obviously I couldn’t implement the whole thing directly into my workflow. I primarily used Chaser for melodies with the one-button-bump feature in combination with custom made visuals. There wasn’t a big complex mapping either to make full use of the plugin.

However the following week I had a complex mapping job for Art of Dance with Angerfist Raise and Revolt. Here I used Chaser in full effect, the plugin even became crucial to the whole workflow. I used Chaser here not only for the one-button-bumps, but I also used it to map all my content on all the screens and obviously the chasers themselves!

This also gave us the ability to use visuals from the previous year which were already made in full HD. There was no need to re-render them to the pixelmap. I just used Chaser to do the mapping and I was done in matter of minutes.

Did Chaser change your workflow?

Yes, it did. Even to a bigger extent than I could imagine. Some of my colleagues were also impressed by Chaser and started using it along with me. You could say that our workflow has changed because we can focus more on the creative side, create most stuff on HD and have the ability to reuse it effectively with chaser.

Chaser is now part of all our VJ rigs and I’m already producing content specifically for being use with Chaser such as the one-button-bumps for melodies. But some content production is also being completely removed such as pre-rendered chase clips and other little things that the plugin can take care off; which gives us room to create more stunning visuals. Not to mention that in some cases the client can change the mapping on the fly (but I’m not going to tell them that 😉 )

You, Chaser and the future?
Oh yes, like I already mentioned; Chaser is already a part of our workflow and I’m going to use it will all my upcoming gigs. Even my style of VJ’ing has changed a bit because of it so I’m going to experiment A LOT with it. I’m also in direct contact with Joris so I’m going to help him out with development with feedback and ideas. I think and feel there is a lot more to come.

Daniel van Veldhoven “El Rayo” from Vision Impossible who is now responsible for most of the VJ-gigs and innovation that goes along with it. Vision Impossible has already been around for 16 years in the Vj-Industry and worked/working on many big names such as Sensation, Qlimax, Dominator, EDC and many many other big events. They were also one of the very first who bought the first copy of Resolume when it came to the market. And now they were also the first ones to buy a copy of Chaser.

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